“Rags and Ruins” by Bob Dixon

Hello Virtual Tour Hosts! The Virtual Tour for Bob Dixon under Chimera with Ravenswood Publishing will begin on October 30, 2015 and run until October 30, 2016 for their new release “Rags and Ruins” a Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy. We would love for you to join us for the tour by hosting our author. We like to make hosting our tours easy and all information needed can be found in the original email you received to sign up for this tour. If you sign up to review one of our titles you can also use the same copies for a giveaway. We do allow hosts to give away a maximum 20 e-copies per venue. For Interviews Please Send Your Questions To The Author At: antiadvice@yahoo.com The Full Tour Schedule Can Be Found Here: (Tour Schedule Link) Thank you so much for hosting our authors and for being a valuable part of our Virtual Tour Team. ABOUT THE BOOK: Rags leads an idyllic life for a goblin child—he spends his days playing in the landfill with his gargoyle friend Ladin, going fishing with his father Hargo in the river, and developing his love of music. His parents love him intensely, and his mother Calin is fiercely protective of him. How could he ask for anything more as he lives an enchanted life on the reservation on the outskirts of the “civilized” world, surrounded by mystical creatures and magic? Little does Rags realize that he is not a goblin but instead a human who was abandoned shortly after his birth and left in the landfill to be raised by the goblins as a way to fulfill an ancient prophecy of good and evil, twin brothers separated at birth and reunited in the thirteenth year of their life, one to unleash an ancient evil, the other the only hope to stop it from happening. A powerful tale of magic, music, and danger, Rags and Ruins is sure to thrill readers of all ages with its mix of adventure, intrigue, and humor—and if it doesn’t, they’ll have to answer to a furious goblin mother.

Source: “Rags and Ruins” by Bob Dixon


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