Ravenswood publishes through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google and Kobo. We also produce print through Createspace an Amazon based company.

We host a line of imprints in the form of sub-presses for various genres: Libertine (Romance/New Adult Romance/Erotica), Mythos (Fantasy/Science Fiction), Polliwog (Children’s/Middle Grade), Dark Feed (Horror/Thriller/Dark Fantasy), Enigma (Mystery/Drama/Historical Fiction), and Celestial (Spiritual/Religious/Historical Non-Fiction). Benefits for publishing with Ravenswood are far beyond what many publishers offer today. Ravenswood has worked hard for authors over the past 4 years helping with internet promotions and our success has been overwhelming.

Contracts with us include free internet promotion, free production of cover art, free creation of blogs, like pages or other social media to help the author gain the attention of the online community and guidance to other avenues of promotions that could further help the author with their works. Ravenswood offers help contacting venues with e-galley review requests on the author’s behalf. We have recommended editors who charge reasonable fees for their services. Our editors are not staffed and we receive no compensation for their services. However, using one of our recommended editors is optional and not mandatory. We do screen all manuscripts submitted to us, thoroughly before acceptance. We search for talent and believe in quality, not quantity.


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Authors are given the opportunity to provide their own cover art if they choose however, if you would prefer, if done by us cover design and artwork is free for any author published with Ravenswood.

Contracts for each individual book published with Ravenswood will be signed and locked in for a full 2 year term from the date of acceptance, unless the contract is for a series which will be a 5 year term. These contracts World Wide. For more information about Ravenswood Publishing and its imprints or if you have any questions feel free to contact Kitty Bullard, gmta.publishing.llc@gmail.com or by using the contact form on the contact page. Please be sure and read our submission guidelines in full before submitting your manuscript to Ravenswood. There are no fees to publish with Ravenswood.



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